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Choose us for repairs and maintenance of train car motors and filter reactors!

Is your company facing difficulties with periodic inspections, maintenance and repairs of DC motors used in train cars due to the lack of engineers and companies in the field? With our long track record and technical capabilities, we can solve those problems for you.

We can solve these problemsWe can solve these problemsWe can solve these problems

  • “We would like to overhaul”

    We can perform overhauls for clients who are unable to do so due to a lack of DC motor engineers.

  • “The motor needs repairs but we don't have the blueprints”

    We are able to repair all motors, regardless of manufacturers.

  • “We would like to create a coil but I don't have the blueprints”

    Our engineers are able to analyse the insulation structure and create any coil for our clients.

  • “We would like to clean the commutator surface and grooves”

    In addition to grinding commutator surfaces and cleaning grooves, we are also able to handle any problems regarding commutators such as high bars and low bars.

  • “The shaft has worn out”

    We are able to repair worn-out shafts or shaft run-outs. We also accept single replacements of shafts.

  • “We want to repair the brush holder”

    We are able to repair loose brush holders and replace insulation spindles.

  • “We want to replace the wires only”

    We accept replacements of wires, such as heavily deteriorated lead wires.

  • “There is a part we want which we are unable to acquire”

    There are many DC motor parts which are increasingly difficult to acquire. We will acquire the required parts on behalf of our clients.



Assembly, inspections, repairs and maintenance of traction motors and air compressor motors for trains

Regardless of how old the motor is, repair costs can be cut by reusing hardware and its electrical properties can be improved to match brand new motors through repairs. In light of the current lack of DC motor engineers, we will also conduct periodic inspections on behalf of our clients.

  • 1 Coil productionRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 2 Coil inserting processRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 3 Wrapping of glass bandRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 4 Grinding of commutatorRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 5 Commutator preparationRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 6 Electrical testing of armatureRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 7 Attaching armatureRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 8 Spin testingRe-insulation works on a motor
  • 9 Pre-delivery inspectionRe-insulation works on a motor
  • Before Impregnation
  • After Impregnation

Assembly, inspections and repairs of filter reactors for trains

We mainly conduct rewinding and reimpregnation of coils with deteriorated insulation.

  • Receipt
  • Washing
  • winding
  • impregnation

Other motor repairs

In addition to traction motors and air compressor motors, we are also able to repair air conditioning motors and pilot motors.
We also conduct repairs for industrial motors in addition to train car motors.

  • Air conditioning motors
  • Industrial motors
  • pilot motors
  • pilot motors

Manufacturing, repairs and sales of various motor parts

In addition to repairs and replacements of parts such as loose brush holders and insulation spindles, we also sell parts such as bearings, field coils and brush holders.

  • Armature coils
  • Field coils
  • Brush holders
  • Commutators