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Over half a century's worth of
experience in motor assembly and

Ever since our company started business transactions with Itami Works of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1956 and began manufacturing DC motor parts, we have also been manufacturing Mitsubishi Electric motors and filter reactors.
Presently, in addition to Mitsubishi Electric motors, we also carry out repairs for motors of various companies such as Toyo Electric
Manufacturing, Hitachi and Toshiba.


A company in possession of new manufacturing technology for DC air compressor motors for trains

Our company still manufactures Mitsubishi Electric DC air compressor motors to this day, and have also manufactured Shinko Electric (presently Sinfonia Technology) DC air compressor motors in the past.
While we do not produce as many DC air compressor motors as we used to, we are still accepting orders.


In possession of vacuum impregnation tanks and rotary dryers

Varnish is firmly coated onto insulating materials such as glass tapes through vacuum impregnation and evenly dried using rotary dryers. This creates an even insulating layer, which heightens the insulation performance.